· Non – PVC components top coating
· Optimized for Latex 3rd Generation
· Bright bluish white
· High image density & Outstanding expression
· Even illunination


The biggest feature of coating layer is more bright white and not uses PVC components at all. Green Backlit is optimized for the Latex 3rd Genration for backlit application. A bright white tone can produce the splashes of color. 205microns (8.2mil) translucent polyester backlit film is treated to have a semi-matte finish. The semi-matte surface ensures high colour density. It reduces glare, provides outstanding expression and the perfect product for small and large jobs for backlit applications


Caliper215 microns
Width36" / 50" / 60"
Ink CompatibilityUV, Latex
Length30m (100ft)
Surface Semi - matte
Base MaterialPET


· Printer Profiles are available at HP Media Locator : hp.com/go/mediasolutionslocator
· Printing Temp : Temperature 15 ~ 30℃ (59 ~ 86 ℉) / Humidity 30 ~ 60%
· Lamination : Optional
· Storage : Recommended to strore in closed original packing in a cool 10 ~ 30℃ (50 ~ 77 ℉) and dry environment.
(Humidity 35 ~ 65% RH)
· Shelf Life : One year, stored in original packing at recommended temperature
(Coating warranty guaranteed for 6 months from date of purchase)
* Cautions
· Printable with solvent printer as well with customer’s own profile. However, there is no guarantee for solvent printer
· When printing with Latex 300 Series printer, recommended to set proper pass and adjust heating temperature
according to ink injection quantity (This is to prevent material’s deformation by heat and low drying issue)


Light box advertising, illuminated displays, trade show and exhibition graphics, signage
Special Backlit application
– Cosmetics
– Fashion image
– Air Port & great image application
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