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What is carbon material?

Material which consists mostly of carbon atom, New Material for future and the rice of industry which has extreme properties
(Ultra high tempearture, Ultra light, Ultra anti-abrasion)

Direction of Carbon Business

Production Capacity

· Production Quantity : more than 2,400 Ton / Year

– Blwon Film Extruder : 3 machines (First plant in Iksan) + Expand 7 more machines in the future (Second plant in Iksan)
– Proceed the expansion of the lines interconnected with National food cluster

· Customized Q.C according to properties of customers’ material application
· Corona Surface Treatment / Anti – Slip / Complementary Processing


Properties of LLD PE Film

· LLDPE Film, mixed produced with general LLDPE resin and LUXF-1302
· Excellent properties compared to general LLDPE film
· Excellent Strength of heat-sealing and heat-suturing
· With increase in sealing property, possible to seal in wet inner side and low temperature
· Pinhole-resistant, excellent impulse strength

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