Natura Media is about to launch new program – Flat on Deco Series

With the successful launching on Flat-on series, Natura Media will expand the product range with Flat-on Deco Series. With the
expansion of the range, we will be able to offer a wider selection of printable window film, including clear, translucent, and
block-out white window film for interior and short-term exterior displays.

Flat-on Deco Series is, all together, have removable and repositionable function and easy to apply on large surface installation.
For the application, available surface can be not only on the glass, but also on the various smooth surfaces such as PMMA.
In addition to wide variety on the surfaces, when removing the window films after use, you wouldn’t experience the residues left
behind on the surface. For the printing on latex printer, the curl balance is excellent to stand out from heat deformation.

All in all, from temporary window decals to periodical window graphics, you will experience a difference outfitting your sign shop to stand out from the competition.

SO830H Optical Clear Flat-on Deco Film Sovent / UV / Latex · Premium optically clear PET film based
· Removable, Repositionable
· Reverse printable
· High glossy surface
· No residues
WF300 Mirror Light Flat-on Deco Film UV / Latex · Bright color expression by indirect light (no need light panel)
· Removable, Repositionable
· Reverse Printable
· Translucent surface
· No residues
WF400 White Flat-on Deco Film Sovent / UV / Latex · Premium white PP based
· Excellent block out
· Removable, Repositionable
· No residues


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