· Glossy microporous coating (Instant Dry)
· Stable curl balance & Excellent block out
· Both sides printable (UV & Latex 3rd Gen)
· High Quality Image Reproductions
M/P ROLL UP BANNER GLOSSY is microporus coated banner which is finishsed with glossy surface with instant drying and high quality image. Multi-layered coating with PP+PET+PP provides excellent block out, stable curl balance and proper stiffness. Non transmissive backside is the perfect background for brilliant full color prints. With white back side, this media is also provides double side printing with UV and Latex 3rd Generation. This product requires three main things to be a professional banner : the great color representation, stable curl balance and reducing light or reflections on the printed surface. These features with laminating make the media of choice for the most demanding of applications.
Caliper250 microns
Width36" / 50" / 60"
Core2" / 3″
Length30m (100 ft)
Base MaterialMulti layer (PP+PET+PP)
· Printing Temp : Temperature 15 ~ 30℃ (59 ~ 86 ℉) / Humidity 30 ~ 60%
· Lamination : Optional
· Storage : Recommended to strore in closed original packing in a cool 10 ~ 30℃ (50 ~ 77 ℉) and dry environment.
(Humidity 35 ~ 65% RH) * Higher humidity will increase drying time.
· Shelf Life : One year, stored in original packing at recommended temperature
(Coating warranty guaranteed for 6 months from date of purchase)
* Cautions
· The rate of block out may vary by each lot number
· When used for hanging banner application, recommended to use supporting fixture.
· Recommended to check the printing quality by enlarging the image since the product with microporous coating expresses even the delicate details.
∙ For outdoor use, the product must be used with outdoor lamination film to have durability and stable color expression.
∙ Be cautious about reverse curling when used with lamination film (PVC) caused by contraction.
∙ When printing with Latex 300 Series printer, recommended to set proper pass and adjust heating temperature according to ink injection quantity (This is to prevent material’s deformation by heat and low drying issue)
Rollup Stands, Hanging banner, POP Up banner, POS/POP and Posters
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