· Permanent Adhesive
· 100% Polyester woven fabric
· Has high color density
· Block-out (not 100%, but light block-out)
· Stable with deformation (Liner)
EasyTex is 100% Polyester Wovent Fabric for Eco-Sol, LATEX, UV printing with adhesive on the back side Main application is indoor decoration easily.  BLOCK-OUT function prevents the disturbance caused by color of back side It has high color density thanks to its Semi-matte surface. The PE which is coated on both sides of 120g paperliner makes it safe from deformation caused by moisture. It has adhesion chemical consist of acryl based. Permanent Adhesion for longtime display on the painted walls, relatively rough surfaces,but depend on wall’s condition. 
Caliper335 microns
Width50" / 54" / 60"
Core 3″
Length30m (100 ft)
SurfaceSemi - matte
Base MaterialPolyester Woven Fabric
· Printing Temp : Temperature 15 ~ 30℃ (59 ~ 86 ℉) / Humidity 30 ~ 60%
· Lamination : Optional
· Storage : Recommended to strore in closed original packing in a cool 10 ~ 30℃ (50 ~ 77 ℉) and dry environment.
(Humidity 35 ~ 65% RH)
· Shelf Life : One year, stored in original packing at recommended temperature
(Coating warranty guaranteed for 6 months from date of purchase)
* Cautions
 Attachment Tip :
Get rid of all residue before attachment to keep it from being blistered
Be cautious when attach it to painted surface that paint might peel off
Be cautious about stretching when repositioning the materials.
Take the possible care for residue not to be left  after attach it to slippery surface.
Use it under fine weather is recommended that adhesion could be up to the weather condition.
Operation Tip :
Sprinkling water is needed upon requested situation.
It needs care to avoid the extension of base when re-attachement.
Use of soft squeezer is required to prevent the scratches on surface.
* To have better scratch-resistant, recommended to apply liquid coating or spray)
Label, Stickers, Mural wall coverings, Large retail displays, P.O.P., Custom Wallpapers
Available surface :
– Smooth surface : Glass, SUS
– Texture surface : Wall paper, Painted wall with low V.O.C
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